Wednesday 24 February 2010

Keeping the home fires burning

The weather has been glorious. Indescribably beautiful. Iridescent blue sky
  and almost turquoise at times vivid blue sea with a back drop of snow white capped mountains. There can be no doubt that the light lightens the load.
 and talking of light and loads!
The wood burner requires feeding! There is a large log pile of felled mainly thin trees in the garden. Niel's job is to carry
to saw
and to chop.
 I tried hard to get the moment of impact as the chopper made contact with the wood. It should have been a wood splintering moment - but Niels grew tired of chopping and wondered how many retakes needed  before he got a back ache and I got the perfect shot!
As it is, on closer inspection, it's possible to see two and a bit bits of wood hanging in the air!
My job is to arrange the kindling tastefully in the basket!
and take pictures! But to be fair to me I do clean the grate and make the fire up and light it and scrabble about in the garden gathering sticks - and tidy up after Niels!


S. Etole said...

such a great series ... love the cozy fire at the end

Unknown said...

Aaaaaaahhhhhhhhh gorgeous :o) we wish we were there chopping wood with you. The light does make such a difference, it looks truely glorious there. I can't understand why they filmed Lord of the Rings in New Zealand. I think Letters, Ullapoool and surrounding areas are an exact Middle Earth. Lots of love Em, Dan and Olek x x x

annie hoff said...

Hello Em!
You will be here soon - and there is still plenty of wood left for your dad to chop! Thank you for following my blog. 8 followers! - that must be some kind of record - for me at least!
lots of love x

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