Friday 19 February 2010

Over the hill

Jo, our daughter, came up from London for a few days to get away from it all.
So we took her away from it all, and went over the hills at the back of our house to Dundonnell. The hills aren't especially high, no more than 400 to 500 metres but climbing up from sea level gives good exercise and a reminder that we I need to be leaner, fitter and meaner (or something like that!)
We quickly left Clachan behind with its church, manse (vicarage) and farm house spread out like a little toy town below.
up we went......and then over.....and across and back again
The yellow marks the official track, while the red shows the alternative less hurried route, which was the way we chose but not necessarily by choice!
but certainly the more scenic route with tumbled down dwellings 
and February colours that didn't disappoint
eventually, after much coming and going we reached the snow line and thought if we turned right left at the top we'd meet the official track...again
We're agreed. We're on the top and back on track....almost
and how different the world is up here and what a privilege it feels to be in it
It's silent. No sound. No running water,
no bird song no breeze. Just silence and it's deafening
 On we plod across a vast icy, and eerily silent, landscape
Until eventually we start down on the other side.
Life returns, there are sounds of birds and running water
crashing and thundering water. I need a tripod I can't always find
a convenient fence post or rock to lean the camera on!
Niels says that's more for him to carry and it will be midnight by the time I've set it up - but I think he knows he's lost the argument!
Trees that have stood since the beginning of time
 apart from this one that's fallen over
and covered from head to foot in out of focus lichen!
The Dundonnell estate and the end of our walk.


S. Etole said...

I will return to take this walk with you again ... so much to take in ... beautiful

Lucille said...

I so enjoyed the walk and I could hear the silence and then the running water as if I was there, you described it so well.

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