Sunday 7 February 2010

The light is back!

Today we walked up our lane, the sun shone and put the colour back that has been missing for the last two weeks. Just the tiniest hint that winter is, maybe, giving in and while not entirely  giving over to spring, nevertheless, there is the merest suggestion that the next season is lurking, not too far away.
Yesterday the weather all but fell into the loch and while still beautiful,  I just so wanted and longed for some ordinary common or garden sunshine to lift the weariness that can be winter.
Today, blue sky, blue loch
  Red phone box. Does the breeze block mean it's engaged?
The melted snow hurries off the hillside before winter changes its mind
and we hurried home to Delia's Chicken Basque - she'd left before we got there!  Please note the clean tea towel, ironed last week whilst watching the tennis.
and on a footnote. How I love Anemones. They don't have the wafer thin, tissue papery feel of poppies but are somehow reminiscent, and seeing them squashed in the flower bucket in Tescos I couldn't resist.


Lucille said...

And we are forecast more snow and gloom. Ugh. But I am definitely buying some anemones tomorrow. I used to put them in an old Marmite jar when I was a student. Lovely to see your blue sky.

S. Etole said...

dessert for the eyes! the blues and reds are engaging ...

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