Saturday 5 March 2011

This and that

After a week of quiet this is not an inspiring picture to herald my return! But I've been quiet
because of this, and now the stairwell is painted and it's hard in a photo, to make it look inspiring and interesting! It was white before and now it's white again but without the cracks and blemishes. As to the shower room lets just say
it's a work in progress. At least now, when it's finished, the water will run into the drain and not out under the door, or under the floor, or behind the walls - we hope, fingers crossed and all that.
The only excursion we had all week was to 'pop' back up the hill behind us. I left a lens cap up here on our last visit ....that's right I thought I'd go back and pick it up!  'Like looking for a lens cap in a peat bog' is similar I imagine,  to 'Like looking for a needle in a haystack'
Only the views are nicer

Will my lens cap end up petrified, or vitrified, buried in a peat bog to be discovered some thousand years hence? Well, I'd like to tell whoever finds it that they've got a bargain. It's £9.99 to buy a new one, which was what prompted me back up the hill to find it!
Every cloud has a silver lining. A distant An Teallach looked pretty impressive in the setting sun and the walk did us good! My lens cap is still up there on the hill behind us. I haven't quite given up hope of finding it!


Dartford Warbler said...

To capture that sunset was almost worth losing your lens cap! Stunning scenery.

old_black said...

Crumbs! Ten pounds for a lens cap! I'd walk to the North Pole rather than pay that!!
Although you've captured the image in a beautiful way, the weather looked a bit threatening at times, did you get back dry?

annie hoff said...

Yes, I agree ten pounds is ridiculous! No, the weather stayed dry and we got back home ok.

Lucille said...

I do love a vase in a niche. Lost lens caps! Tell me about them. I'm always mislaying mine, but not in a bog yet.

S. Etole said...

That last photo is absolutely breathtaking ... and the vase is equally beautiful in a totally different way.

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