Friday 25 March 2011

Tucked away

Without question, without doubt, and with absolute certainty, the weather always, always gets better the day after our visitors have left.
At the bottom of our garden there is a track that runs along the side of the loch. Much of it overgrown and a tangle of fallen trees. If I turn right and follow the track along towards the head of the loch after a very short time
I arrive here at this dear little cottage - I think it's empty. It may be a holiday cottage, but it will certainly belong to someone
It's tucked away alongside the remains of a ruin that may have been a fisherman or crofter's cottage.
I don't know this tree, but it's bursting with cones
But, what I really love about this little corner, hidden from view and unexpected,  is the waterfall. It starts back at the top of the hill, and fairly thunders its way over rocks and gullies, stopping for nothing, on its way to reach the loch.
The sun, confident now our friends have gone, dances on the water.

The waterfall, in tremendous hurry, unable to stop, keeps flowing.
It is beautiful
and only minutes from the back garden. I guess the weather makes the difference.This is what I wanted our friends to see. They've said they're coming back, so, the sun may come out and shine, or it might do as it usually does when friends arrive - stay indoors!


S. Etole said...

what an intriguing spot to go exploring ...

Dan said...

You really do have the most amazing scenery right on your doorstep!
ps. Did you ever find the missing lens cover?

old_black said...

Great pictures, as usual. You got the shutter speed just right for the shots of the moving water, IMHO. What a delight to know about such a hidden treasure!

annie hoff said...

No Dan, my lens cap is still up there. I feel I may have to accept that I really have lost it!

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