Saturday 9 April 2011

First thing

It was a most beautiful start to the day
From the window the mist, or was it cloud, flitted and floated by
continually changing, sometimes blotting out the hills
and at others  revealing just the tips
I sat upstairs on the window sill, window open my feet dangling over the edge. I was certain in the stillness of early morning I could hear the mist whispering as it passed by over the water  slowly giving way to the sun
And at the start of a beautiful spring morning I saw my first lamb,  happy to be in the long awaited for warm sun.


rachel said...

As always, such beautiful photos of your view. Could you ever tire of it, I wonder?

Lucille said...

So lovely to see all this progress and the turn of the season. I've only just caught up with the tiling and the family visit as your page got stuck for some reason.

Dan said...

Fantastic pictures Annie!

Anonymous said...

Fab pics as always, We were in Ullapool last week, what a week for weather! So much rain on Wednesday and then this mist/cloud on Saturday. Was like this in Inverness too, a bit worried that flight would be affected but it was OK.

Hope to be back for the TallShips.


Kath said...

Beautiful photos. I live on a hill over looking the Somerset levels and we get mist that lays in drifts like that. Sometimes we can just see the tree tops and they look like brocoli. Nice to meet you, I'm off for a good look round your Blog now.

old_black said...

How on earth do you ever tear yourself away from that window? I suppose the answer is that you go out into that view and become part of that wonderful landscape. Just beautiful.

Phil said...

Hello Ann, hope you are keeping well?

Off to a amateur radio rally on Sunday in Sunbury a world away from your place back in the outskirts of the smoke.

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