Thursday 7 April 2011

My Family

I love it when family come to stay. Jo and her boyfriend Matt came last week. They both live in London and have busy stressful jobs. One a paediatric nurse the other a midwife. They love the peace and quiet to be found here.
The weather could have been better. We had lots of sun and rain - and then more rain.
But in between we had white clouds and blue sky
and navy blue coloured water.
with little white waves whipped up by the wind!
It was cold! But sunny!
Daughters are great. Now that she's gone, I've picked up all the abandoned hair bobbles, empty cups and glasses, removed hair from the plughole, closed cupboard doors, picked up tissues, tidied  forgotten shoes and rearranged the kitchen back to how it was! 
But it's worth it, of course, just to have her company. They flew back yesterday morning, and in the evening Jo went on to do a night shift at the busy London hospital where she works. "All ok," she reported this morning, as she phoned on her way home. "No babies born, just a ward of mum's in waiting."


Diane said...

Brilliant! Its lovely to see some family photos too. It would be lovely to see you also. Your bathroom looks fantastic in you last blog. Well done! James has had a good catch-up on all your recent blogs. He thought the photo over the Highland cattle was incredible, but really he is very taken by all you have around you.
Hope you both have a lovely weekend complete with sunshine.
With love from, Di xx

annie hoff said...

Thank you Di. It's lovely to hear from you. I expect we will have a sunny weekend, as we're on a flying visit to Sussex for a friends 50th birthday party! You will have to visit us one day with James - and his camera x

Mac n' Janet said...

Always good to have our children visit. We only have i a daughter and she lives in Maryland, about a 1,000 miles away, so we don't get to see her nearly as often as we'd like.
Your photos are stunning, as always.

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