Saturday 19 November 2011


The light has been quite simply sublime
This is a terrible botch job on two photos I attempted to merge together, both with different exposures, both taken at slightly different angles,without a tripod and the result is a mess! Photoshop is brilliant but can only be expected to cope with so much!  But I've left it in just to show you the amazing view from the window a couple of mornings ago while we were having breakfast. You'll have to forgive the wonky windows with edges that aren't straight and house plants with black leaves - I'll get it right next time!
I'm after more shades of 'off white.' This time to paint stools and table legs, appropriately enough I've chosen Skylight, the shade on the far left. I'm also after a piece of split slate, but that's another story - however, if anyone has a grey piece of welsh slate knocking about they no longer want I'd love to hear from them!
It has been so beautiful this past week. Such intense light. You can see that the sun stays low in the sky now. The nights are pulling in, but with such clear skies the stars and the moon have been brighter than bright in a dark immense sparkling sky. 


S. Etole said...

You live in the midst of beauty and breathtaking scenery.

Mac n' Janet said...

The light is incredible, that's what I like about Autumn, the light is so clear.

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