Friday 25 November 2011

A random sort of day

The recipe says to take two medium seized eggs, the hens along the lane do their best to comply, but they're not too sure about size regulations!
It was a windy stormy old night last night
but a drop of sun arrived for breakfast
and later a drop of snow
and later it was time to light the fire and think about hibernating!
It's been a bit of a random sort of day, here are some pictures to go with it.


ADRIAN said...

A grand look at a random day.

S. Etole said...

Random is good!

Linda said...

Sometimes bad weather is better when there's more of it - there's more grandeur to it when you can see the rain sweeping up the loch.

Am admiring your stove. We are in the middle of a great theoretical debate about whether to replace the living room fireplace with a stove when we eventually move north to Speyside. My husband favours the stove for the heat potential, I favour the fireplace for the more direct contact with the living fire. But your stove is almost converting me.

annie hoff said...

Linda, I agree totally about the weather. I love it when you can see storms heading up the loch.
We're very happy with our wood burning stove, it gives out a wonderful heat. The house works on an air to air heat exchange. We don't use oil or have radiators. We only light the fire when it gets really cold. If you opt for a stove my only advice would be to buy a Scandinavian one - they seem to be the experts!

Dan said...

I love the mix of old and new in your room Annie. The woodburner looks fantastic.

Ann said...

I just love your photographs and I was right there beside the fire. I know what you mean about the eggs - everyone slightly different, but the taste is amazing. I made a chocolate roulade this morning - a quick practice ready for a class enxt week - just an excuse to eat something chocolaty.
Happy week

Anonymous said...

I love your stove and hearth (if that's the right name for it!)

Lucille said...

I love your breakfast shadows. Everything looks so cosy. We have the same chairs and soon a woodstove but the baby brother to yours.

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