Friday 20 January 2012

A walk, a tea cosy and some flowers

I seem to have wondered off a bit over the past couple of weeks! I had an email this morning from a friend asking if I was ok? Sorry Brenda. Yes, I'm fine, but sometimes it's difficult to think of anything that may be of interest to anyone worth 'blogging' about! I feel a little bit bad because I see I've now got thirty six 'followers! Amazing, and I apologise to them  too as there hasn't been very much to follow on here just lately.
But, I've decided to put a series of pictures on here of a recent walk and some everyday sort of things
like this tea cosy I'm knitting!
Riveting stuff. Here it is in close up. Wait until it's finished and I've made the pompom to go on the top!
But back to the walk. I didn't take my knitting. The weather was beautiful and cold and sunny
boggy puddles froze over which made walking less messy!
We look out over this distant mountain in the background from the house
Up here is a million miles away. Big sky with big wintry views
There are signs of civilisation. Deer fences long since fallen into disrepair
and the deer, a good way off,  keeping a look out. They melt into the distance long before we get near. 
This was taken a couple of years ago, in the Spring - just to show that I do occasionally manage to capture a deer on camera! She was very curious and seemed as if she wanted to chat. I think deer numbers have been down over the last couple of winters. I can't back that up with facts, just we haven't seen as many. Last winter was cold and prolonged as was the winter before. The deer have a tough time when the ground is under snow for weeks at a time.
On we plod, Niels always way out in front. I'm busy fiddling with the camera, messing up my settings and getting cold fingers
We start coming back down to earth. The sun is setting
Just in time we arrive back at the lochside as the sun sets
And, in case you're bored with just walks, here are some grape hyacinths. I bought them from a very well known supermarket. I was amazed to hear they recorded profits down over the Christmas period. I can't understand it. Me alone must help boost their economy considerably! Anyway these grape hyacinths came in a very pretty wooden box.
The milk jug is still not dripping. I've replaced the milk with water and some daffodils and hyacinths (not shown as they should have been thrown out three days ago!)  
And, finally. I love this. I bought it in an talla solais before Christmas as a present for me. It's one of those things that's so simple you think 'I could have done that!' - only  didn't! 


ADRIAN said...

I wish that when I post rubbish it was half as good as this. Glorious scenes.

ju-north said...

If my days were half as good as this, I'd be thrilled! Talking of Ullapool - the last time we were there that lovely shop selling wool and carpets and other ethnic things had closed down. did it move somewhere else? It was on a corner near the harbour. Having said that, everything is near the harbour!

rachel said...

I beg to differ. It IS riveting stuff, and stunningly beautiful too. The only complaint I would make is that it always looks so cold where you live, but I put a vest, scarf and mittens on before reading your blog, and that helps.....

walter and me said...

Lovely photographs - I wish I'd been on that walk too!

Linda said...

What a wonderful canvas of sky you have. Who needs TV when you have these clouds?
Your tea cosy by contrast pierced my heart with fear. It reminded me of the first thing I ever knitted, a two-colour tea cosy when I was in Primary 3. We had to keep the different coloured balls of wool in two jam jars to stop them getting tangled up - which of course mine did anyway. And I was so tense about the whole thing that I pulled the wool really tight and the stiches would hardly move along the needles. Gave me a lifelong hatred for knitting!

Dartford Warbler said...

A wonderful walk and what skies!

Brenda T said...

Yes, we all missed your stunningly lovely photo's and interesting chatter. I tune into Letters every morning in anticipation, it's like being given a present! THANK YOU ANN!

S. Etole said...

All this beauty! A wonderful sharing.

Mac n' Janet said...

Beautiful walk, stunning photos and a sweet tea cosy, you always have a very interesting blog. It is so beautiful where you live, but it looks so cold. I don't like the heat much any more, but I really feel the cold. I'd probably be inside by a fire staring out the window. How far did you walk?

Lucille said...

How nice to see you back. I rather like the smorgasbord approach to blogging and may adopt it myself. As always, so glad you lag behind and freeze your fingers to show us the views on your walks.

Anonymous said...

Stunning scenery - quite different to down here in the Borders. You have reminded me that I have 3 simiar tea cosies (in black and red) waiting to bbe sewn up and the pompoms made - they were supposed to be for a crsaft fair quite some time ago!

Anonymous said...

Lovely to see you back - and what stunning photographs of your walk and assorted domestic scenes!

Anonymous said...

please keep blogging! the pics are wonderful.

How different to last January!

My brother tells mne that you have had an awful lot of rain this year.


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