Friday 1 August 2008


This is a most loathsome job! It's the job to put off for as long as possible. The job that makes all other jobs you hate seem suddenly appealing and requiring immediate attention. Surely even cleaning behind the cooker is preferable to this?
It's the saving of millions of pounds in heating costs that is the carrot to keep us at it! Glass wool irritates the skin, it makes you cough and sneeze and is horrible and itchy and scratchy. We're using four batts deep in the dwarf stud walls and three in the sloping roof, then the whole lot will be covered in thick polythene sheeting.
It seems straightforward enough, but there is a jumble of fiddly pipe work to cut into and around, and it took yesterday afternoon and evening for us to complete just one side.
We are flying to Gatwick this afternoon for a wedding in Alfriston tomorrow. It will be a wonderful wedding and a chance to see friends again - and most definitely won't involve stuffing insulation into cavities! Back here on Monday, for Ikea are delivering the rest of the kitchen and hopefully the joiners will be coming back - please.


Anonymous said...

Hi Ann, I hope you had full body coverage, googles, gloves and mask on for handling that stuff?

annie hoff said...

Niels wears a mask, I don't because I can't breath if I wear one! We both wear gloves and cover up as much as poss - and take plenty of showers!

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