Saturday 30 August 2008

An update!

The recent lack of activity on this blog is due, firstly to visitors arriving and giving a welcome diversion from 'housework' and secondly my computer has moved again and now sits upstairs in Brookwood, but for the most part is covered up to keep the dust off - not an ideal blogging situation!
The joiners put a wooden frame upstairs and after much frantic filling in of insulation by us, and friends (who only pretended they'd come for a holiday!) they put up the plaster board and suddenly there were rooms. It seemed strange. I'd got used to one large area
but now it's 'house like' and I could almost imagine furniture, but that would just be being ridiculous so I'll stick with imagining doors and window sills for now. This is upstairs on the landing which will also be my space with a desk - or so I like to think!
The top of the stairs and through to the bedroom
This is Myles who has come all the way up from Woking to tape and joint fill the plaster board. The huge advantage is he isn't involved in umpteen different jobs here, so he turns up each morning, which is great - and he's doing a brilliant job!
I uncovered my computer for the photo shoot! Complete with smart officegarden chair.
There are several headaches at present, but the biggest is the disappearance of the plumber! I'm sure he's busy but we would just be so happy if he turned up! Neither the joiners nor Myles can complete their sections until the plumber finishes his! I'm pushing to move in to the house by October at the latest - but when I mention this to the work force you think I'd asked them to wallpaper the moon!

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Anonymous said...

Hi HoffsSo glad to hear you are still making progress, even if it doesn't feel like it to you.  One day you will look back and this year will seem like a ... dream? Great to read the blog and keep in touch.Love The Thains

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