Monday 18 August 2008

Kylesku bridge

I love this bridge. It's curvy and cool and
situated in a rather remote, beautiful bit of the highlands
When I was a little girl I used to get taken by my dad along with my brother to watch the section of the M4 motorway being built near West Drayton. Me and my brother thought we would die of boredom (some Saturday mornings we thought we had.) We would lean over a bridge, looking down at earthworks, and diggers and portable loos, while our Dad expounded on motorway design, not a subject he knew much about. What intrigued him the most was the scale of it all, how it was shaped across the landscape, the machinery, and the work and planning that eventually came together to produce a motorway. Finally, I understood what he got so excited about, and have since been accused many times by my own children of going on completely unnecessarily about construction sites, and building works, and bridges, and roads, none of which I know anything about, and I see their eyes glaze over but I think one day they'll understand!
And this bridge is beautiful
it's sympathetically designed to fit in perfectly with its landscape
How is it done? Does someone sit down with a sheet of A4 paper and a compass?
From all angles it's pleasing
I wonder if the Queen went on and on about it, when she opened it? Philip probably had to tell her to give it a rest!
First prize in a beauty competition

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Interesting to know.

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