Sunday 11 January 2009

Busy doing nothing

We needed a rest. A time to do nothing! This week the only box I've unpacked has been a jigsaw puzzle. I've read, made plans, and some days just sat. Today because we really were beginning to feel just a tiny bit lazy we walked to Rhue Lighthouse by way of filling a wet and windy Sunday afternoon
Rhue lighthouse sits at the entrance to lochbroom, beyond it lie the summer isles. Very summery it wasn't!
It's difficult photographing wind, but this picture shows Niels hanging onto his glasses!
The walk was bracing and exactly what we needed after a week of inactivity
Ardmair point is approx. 3 miles out of Ullapool going north. In the summer there is a caravan and camp site where holiday makers come to enjoy the wonderful scenery, walks, sailing, wild life. Today as through most of the year it was deserted, but none the less still beautiful and made up of wonderful colours of shades of blues and purples and greens
Tomorrow I shall begin homemaking but this past week I have just enjoyed and marveled that I live where I live and have a home I can make again.

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