Monday 19 January 2009

Driving Home

The predicted gales didn't happen and the house and us stayed intact! Drove Niels to Inverness Airport today, he will be in London for the week on business. Driving home from the airport it was unbelievably beautiful, it takes your breath away. This is Loch Droma. It's a loch that's been photographed a zillion times. As you come over the brow of the hill on the A835 towards Ullapool and descend to the Dirrie More (gaelic, meaning "The High Ascent" it hits you in all its glory, perfectly set amongst trees and mountains. It sits and waits, the perfect photo opportunity.
Last week there were six or seven swans on this loch. They were either Whooper or Bewick's swans. I know Whooper swans are bigger but I need a Whooper and a Bewick's swan to be sitting next to one another to make that distinction! They weren't there today, could they have been on the way to their winter quarters from Iceland? Siberia? to Slimbridge? With their own inbuilt Sat Nav devices they won't have so many question marks as to where they have come from and where they are going!

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