Friday 16 January 2009

My space!

I should be creating my space - maybe I already have! This 'mess' is my creative area. It's where I sit (if I could sit down) and create creative things and have order, and brushes, and paints, and inks, and pens and paper, and articles in magazines, and reference books all to hand. They are to hand, sort of, but not in an especially orderly sort of way, and I suspect by the time I found what I was looking for I would have forgotten why I wanted it. Meanwhile as I slowly gain momentum, and prepare myself for the task of creating order in my space, I have taken to staring out of the window - because it's easier,
and I have become inordinately interested in studying birds! It requires only that I look, no effort needed. I don't have to find a home for them, put them in any particular order, or put them away when I've finished with them
An assortment of feeders hang outside the kitchen and dinning room windows. Peanuts, fat, seeds and sunflower hearts.
Some days when it's very windy these tiny little blue tits blow off course, and make several attempts to land. They've got such incy little legs
I'd like to put a little jacket round his shoulders!
There are siskins and many other little birds, none of which stay still long enough for me to photograph. More practice.
But tomorrow I must, I really must start to find homes for stuff, and begin unpacking boxes and making some sort of order to all the muddle. It's as if once the pressure to finish the house came off I just ground to a halt. I looked up inertia - a tendency to do nothing. Do you know, I think I may be suffering a little with that!

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