Friday 23 January 2009

Domestic Goddess!

The day started with promise. Niels was coming home. I wanted him to see I'd been busy.
I made a cake for his return. The recipe used lots of ripe bananas, which was handy as I had a bowl full of them and wanted to use them before the fruit flies moved in. The walnuts were a present from some friends who live in the Dordogne and have a walnut tree in their garden!
And here is my banana and walnut cake, looking wonderful, just before it sunk. Actually it didn't sink too much. The last cake I made I gave to the birds, and I noticed they had problems taking off.
When Niels went, the contents of the kitchen cupboards were still under construction. It's impossible organising cupboards just as you want them. That bottle of balsamic vinegar is always to tall to stand up, and all those silly little packets of nearly finished things, where do they go?
We'll manage without balsamic vinigar and on my next trip to the supermarket I'm taking a tape measure as we now have a height restriction on packets, jars and bottles!
We can't remember whether we ordered a door for the dishwasher, and the pelmets or plinths at the bottom of the cupboards need to be fitted
and there isn't any skirting board
but it's mine. My order, my things, my methods my home!

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