Sunday 1 February 2009

Gruinard Bay

I love this beach. Today's weather was walking on the beach weather. I used to think Gruinard Bay was about an hours drive from us (it's a little more to the south west) since living here and driving like the locals it's now only half an hour!
As on most days it was pretty empty

What struck me, looking around was, what a lot of order and pattern there is to nature
I want to hang this on the wall
even shells have such symmetry in their design
It seems perfect

The noisy Oyster Catchers didn't seem orderly but their design and pattern was flawless
Our order by comparison seems chaotic! The house still looks as if we moved in only yesterday! Having completed out tax returns we see we are due a tax rebate. With that in mind we shall be heading back down to Ikea this week to stock up on cupboards and storage space - then we too can have order and patterns and symmetry in our lives - maybe!

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