Thursday 19 February 2009

A tree horse

I was startled to suddenly come face to face (eye to eye!) with this little creature at the end of the garden. He was as startled as I was. He didn't attempt to move and made no sound.
The day started misty and moisty.
I'd gone to the bottom of the garden to look for the first signs heralding the end of winter, slippery frogs, snow drops, tree buds.
Instead I came across my first ever sighting of a tree horse. I must look them up. Do they live in the loch or on land? Do they eat moss, or lochbroom prawns?
I found one, very wet slippery frog, but no real sign that winter has given up lochbroom, yet, except that birdsong is loud and clear in the mornings, the birds are pairing up - will the tree horse canter off and find a mate?
I doubt it, somehow!

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