Wednesday 13 May 2009

Achnahaird beach

We've had sunshine! It's been glorious. Inverness  got a mention on the BBC weather forecast yesterday for being the warmest place in the country! Never mind the high and low pressures, I put it down to not having had visitors  for a week or two!  And to prove it,  it's due to change this coming weekend  as the kids arrive for a few days!
Of course I should be decorating and other such indoor pursuits, but when the sun shines here you simply have to be out in it. This is Achnahaird beach a little north of Ullapool
I left Niels behind (poor chap), beavering away in his office doing things with computer software, which is good for the business,  but not necessarily good for the soul!
The beach, with a backdrop of hazy purple mountains
  and blue sky was just breathtaking.  I'm running out of superlatives! My daughter asked the other day if I was still "banging on" about the Scottish highlands! Well yes I suppose I am. There are many places that are beautiful, but the Scottish highlands are remote and empty. There is no light pollution and its northerly location gives a quality of light that is crystal clear. Even on dreary days there is much to see that is beautiful, though of course when the sun shines the surrounding landscape is elevated to new levels
Achnahaird beach has pebbly bits
and rocky bits
and pink flowers, which I didn't recognise, and yellow flowers - primroses, which I did
a piece of seaweed  thinking it's camouflaged  and a seaweed tree. 
                                    It was an altogether beautiful morning spent on the beach. When I came home I sat out in the garden wasteland and tried to identify the different birds I'd seen (notice its clouding over!)
I should have taken binoculars with me on my walk of course. I'm soon going to have to put a roof rack on the car as the list of things I need to take with me when I go out grows!                        
On a down to earth note.This morning I need to go to Tesco's supermarket - I hope this doesn't happen again! I'm shopping because 'baby Ollie' our youngest son is coming  to stay for a week. He says he's driving himself to Gatwick airport and leaving the car in the car park before flying  up to Inverness
 Well I hope he stays on the pavement!
Sorry Ollie. It's just your mothers sense of humour. But it seems only last week you were like this!


Lucille said...

I fed your fish for you while you were out enjoying all that beautiful scenery. Sublime.

Anonymous said...

I am in awe of the place where you live. It's truly achingly beautiful. It reminds me (and my daughter agrees) of our remote high desert region. Your comments about lack of noise and light, together with your photos and sentiments, make me sad that I'm moving away from here-- alas to the heart of the city! But I am determined to find much to appreciate there, too.

Still... can't help but be envious! :-)


annie hoff said...

Lucille. Thank you for feeding the fish! I meant to comment on your blog 'The Beauty of Britain' The photos captured perfectly that essence that is so quintessentially English. They brought back happy memories of walking the 'Cotswold Way' a year or two back.

Susan. It is very beautiful here it's true. Though my husband flew to London this morning on a business trip and I couldn't help but feel just a tiny pang of envy for that 'buzz' and vitality city life has to offer - just for a day or two!
You feel led to the city - I'm sure whatever the reason your faith and determination will find beauty in many different guises.

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