Saturday 17 November 2007

On dreary days

Yesterday Niels had some work to do, so I took myself off to Assynt, a region a little further to the north from here. I suppose the weather by most peoples standards would best be described as overcast and dreary; but there is a quality of light here that appears to give even the dullest of days a shine.

It was glorious. A huge expanse of moor and mountain, with colours of gold and purples greens and blues. The clouds barely able to muster the energy to stay above the mountain tops.

There is a sense of peace and tranquility here that is hard to define

A vast silent beautiful space

Lippety lippety - I think that's how rabbits go. They certainly went lippety as I clomped over the hill trying to get a better picture. There were over a dozen of them enjoying their own little bit of peace and quiet. By the time I took the picture I was down to 3 pairs of ears - no not me the rabbits!

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