Friday 23 November 2007

This makes my mouth water

Today it was cold. The snow is just beginning to settle and stay on the mountain tops.

I stood feasting on the colours and the light
It was simply like being pulled into, and enveloped by a painting.
There was something both intangible and intimate about it
At the risk of wittering on! The colours of peaches and apricots pinks and greens and blues with the white of the snow on the peaks was simply amazing
This is Stac Pollaidh. In gaelic that means Peak of the Peat Moss.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Ann and Niels

It's Howard Thain here - Mum and Dad have just sent me the address for the blog.

I love the photographs (particularly the perfectly formed 'coffee beans'!), and it's great to see the photos of the family as well - the last time I saw Jo she was probably about 3 years old!

Keep on blogging! It's fantastic to see and hear how things are developing.

And let me know if you have any plans to visit the east of Scotland anytime soon - would be lovely to catch up.

Bye for now - Howie.

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