Thursday 15 November 2007

What a difference a week makes

The weather is very unseasonal here for the time of year, so we've been told. Some parts of the country woke up this morning to frost and in some cases fog. Here it is damp mild and overcast. 10c. The loch today looks as if a sheet of glass has been laid over it. The weather was very different a week ago
"Tie down your shed" we were advised, and we were never quite sure whether this was simply a wind up by locals to all new people who move up from the south thinking they can cope with country living and adverse weather conditions.  But we took their advice as the shed isn't pinned, and
 duly tied it up; now it looks like a 
tent shed but it can't run off and apparently next door lost their shed roof in the
 pursuing gale - if only they'd followed our example!

It was wild and windy and white horses and spray shot across the loch. I went outside, it was difficult to hold the camera still.  There had been growing concern about a tidal surge in the north sea causing flooding on
 the east coast. It wasn't that severe  
here but it was exhilarating never the less.

Our little house has seen it all before. It stood like a rock, not a door nor window rattled. Once inside it was warm and cosy and we felt very protected from the howling gale outside
This is a holiday let and I would recommend it to anybody wanting to come up and explore this part of the world. I'll try and leave it nice and tidy before we go!

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