Thursday 8 November 2007

Reasons to be cheerful

Jo has got engaged to Aly. A really great chap who is prepared to put up with our daughter! The ring is very pretty, the stone is an emerald with a little cluster of diamonds set on each side.

She arrived yesterday from London on a flying visit. We haven't seen her for 6 months. She has been travelling in South America with her boyfriend Aly. He proposed towards the end of their trip. We think it's wonderful and are very happy for them both. She looked radiant and very brown, and with a new haircut - I almost didn't recognise the young woman in the baggage hall, waiting to collect her bag - for a moment she looked like a grown up! Apologies for the photo, it's out of focus, it was difficult to hold the camera still!

We drank champagne, her dad was so excited he couldn't sit still!
Neither could Jo it seemed. What better time than to practice her yoga?!

It was wonderful to see her again. She pinched our bed and caused that general confusion that only daughters can manage. Tomorrow she returns to London to the Royal London Hospital where she nurses. Congratulations and lots of love to Jo and Aly

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