Tuesday 20 November 2007

Back to work

Look at this picture closely. In the next but one picture I'm going to ask you what's missing!
Here's Niels up the ladder about to perform a dastardly deed

Now look. What's different? Well OK apart from Niels has fallen off the ladder what's missing?
It makes such a difference, look, we've

cut the old BT cable down! I have had numerous 'chats' on the telephone with the special department at BT for removing old poles and defunct phone cable. They told me in September when I asked if they could be collected that I would be sent a special form! I've looked forward to that but it hasn't arrived, and the building contractor (when he starts next week!!) won't be able to get his machinery onto our land. The overhead cable stopped being used 4/5 years ago. They had 25 overhead lines but with more houses being built it wasn't enough. Then they laid new cable underground with 50 lines. Up until then they still had a 'party line' system
These are the trees we chopped down a few weeks back - now completely stripped of bark on the one side.

This is so pretty. It's the teeth marks left by the sheep after they have stripped the bark. It's very uniform similar to a herring bone pattern.

I couldn't resist this! They look like the chocolate coffee beans you can buy in Whittards, or those little chocolate Easter eggs! They are also incredibly uniform. How do they manage that I wonder? Well, it's all over our garden and probably made up of tree bark and my Surrey patio pot plants!

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