Wednesday 23 December 2009

Getting to the airport

My first attempt at getting to Inverness airport on Monday to pick up Ollie our youngest son proved a bit of a mission. The car in front was stuck and moments later

the lorry coming the other way drove into drifting snow. The A835 is the main road into Inverness - the only road into Inverness and at Loch Glascarnoch there was very little to stop drifting snow blowing across the road. I should turn round and go back home again was the advice, and besides, the airport was closed. 
I drove home and had a cup of tea. Ollie phoned to say he was sitting on the plane at Luton airport, they hadn't taken off because as well as delays due to the weather the plane now had a puncture, but he expected they would leave within the hour.
I set off again, this time with Robin our oldest son, who managed to get here by train the previous day from Manchester, and a shovel and layers of extra clothes!

The snow plough had been, and this time the road was passable with care. Ollie rang to say he was on his way. It was a close shave. Shortly after take off Luton airport was closed but Inverness airport reopened and in that little window of opportunity, we got him!

And now the weather is beautiful

Icy cold and sparkly clear.

Ullapool goes about its daily business as the last minute Christmas shopping is done.

Today, Jo our daughter and boyfriend Matt fly up from Luton. There will be another drive into Inverness, keeping an eye on the weather and airports and hoping they get here without undue delays, safely.


Lucille said...

I hope you are all reunited safely. Even down here the average journey home time story has been four hours. Our Oli is still at home and Joel is only on the west side of the city so as long as we can get my brother from the north side we'll be fine! If we don't speak again, have a wonderful Christmas.

annie hoff said...

Thank you Lucille. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas too and your brother arrives safely - at least we've both got our 'Olies' at home!

S. Etole said...

It's so very beautiful there. Hope you have a wonderful Christmas with everyone safely where they need to be.

Diane said...

I hope you are all safely together now. What beautiful photos in the calm after the storm. Been over to Windsor today, it too was very picturesque. Thank you for your lovely Santa card which arrived today, just in time! Have a wonderful Christmas together.xx

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