Saturday 12 December 2009

Lochinver Pies

On Monday we went to the pie shop. You don't need to like pies to go there

it's enough just to enjoy the drive to Lochinver through the ever amazing landscape that unfolds before your eyes

It's empty - apart from my shadow.

as is the pie shop - but the pies are very tasty and in winter the people who work in the pie shop increase their  'pies by post' service (if the people won't come to the pies take the pies to the people) and people from all over the world sit down and enjoy Lochinver pies with their ample and scrumptious fillings and light shortcrust pastry - no gaps between the filling and the pastry. I bought a dozen for the freezer.

and had the added pleasure of driving home again. Lochinver on a busy Monday afternoon is tough going but we managed.

Eighteen miles out of Ullapool at Ledmore junction, three cows stood in a field

and watched as the world went by - happy not to be stuck in the  rush hour traffic, happy to be out of the rat race. 


Anonymous said...

Hi Ann

That looks just like it did when I went shopping in Basingstoke with my daughter today!!!

Looks like you have good weather the sky is so blue.

Love Jackie.

Anonymous said...

Why is it that landscapes like this make me relax, slow me down, and compel me to give a big, happy sigh? Now I have two blogs (yours and Lucille's-- I just popped in there, too) to return to when I have time to really sit down, absorb the thoughts and photos and enjoy...

Your life and area are beautiful.


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