Friday 4 December 2009


At this time of year the sun is low in the sky. It barely gets over the mountain tops.
At the head of the Loch the sun appears from out of the side of one mountain travelling a few feet before disappearing into the side of another. It gives an hour of intense sunshine in the morning

 Streaming in through the windows
 casting shadows on the walls,

and highlighting that Christmas preparations haven't even begun to get underway in the Hoff house! Today I was going to make Christmas cards, get ideas, get focused, get planning  argue with the printer machine.  Instead, this post on my blog assumed enormous importance, and out weighed any sensible idea to get on and get going with matters more pressing. And it's not that I don't want to make my own cards, it's just I'm so very good at procrastinating and in fact excel at it especially when things really need to get done.
Tomorrow Niels starts laying the floor and I'm making Christmas cards - unless, maybe I should clean the bird feeders, tidy the cutlery drawer or iron the fitted sheets.
Maybe I'm just in denial!


Lucille said...

Oh Lord. The bird feeders. The cutlery drawer. The Christmas cards. Where will it all end? Bask in the sunlight my friend. That way sanity lies.

Phil said...

planing or planning Ann? in the text.

annie hoff said...

You're right Lucille of course. Tomorrow I shall bask in the sunlight and reflect (good word!) why I always put off doing what I enjoy, for something I don't! And I don't enjoy getting fluff out of the cutlery drawer - and where does the fluff come from in the first place?!

annie hoff said...

The latter I imagine Phil! Thanks

Lucille said...

If only I could take my own advice! Why do I even look at the fluff at the back of the radiators? I'm only tormenting myself.

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