Friday 26 March 2010

Love at first sight

Seven years ago almost to the day we found Scotland. We'd never been and on impulse in March 2003  took time out to drive up the east coast of Scotland across the top and back down along the west coast.
We came to Inverewe gardens near Poolewe and marvelled at the cabbages
and the brussel sprouts!
       Inverewe Garden sits on the shores of loch ewe and benefits from the gulf stream.
On Sunday, as in March 2003, we had the garden to ourselves and while it may not have been the best time of year to visit a garden it was still

enjoyable wandering about, peering in through locked greenhouses and reading the labels
of plants
and trees we didn't recognise
It wasn't only the garden on Sunday we had to ourselves, it seemed the whole of the west coast was empty. It's a real joy to drive here, no stress!
 and I may have mentioned before that it's also very beautiful! When we discovered the west coast of Scotland in March 2003 it was love at first sight.
and it still is, for me the most beautiful place. I wouldn't want to live anywhere else


Unknown said...

See, now I've been reminded just how stunning it is, I don't want to live anywhere else either - doh!

I thought from your post title, that you were going to tell us about when you first met Niels.... ahhhhh!

Lots of love

annie hoff said...

Oh Em you are funny!

Lucille said...

Happy for you. Love those greenhouses. And the views. And the roads.

S. Etole said...

thank you for sharing the beauty ... that last photo is stunning

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