Sunday 7 March 2010

Pushing up the daisies

I'm tired of the snow. To be fair much of it in the last few days has gone, at least from the lower slopes and down at sea level where we are. Determined in my quest to hunt out spring  I found some daisies in the garden,  maybe we skipped spring and went straight into summer?
This primrose - looking tired but spring like has struggled to get here through builders rubble, rocks and snow
 and my four snowdrops! 
Things must be looking up!


S. Etole said...

you're way ahead of us ... daisies are one of my favorites

Lucille said...

Well that is nothing short of miraculous. Down here in the soft south I'll be hard pressed to find a daisy in the lawn. I must look tomorrow.

annie hoff said...

I did have to hunt around and I only found one - we don't have a lawn yet, it was growing in between some old paving slabs - happy not to have been eaten by the sheep!

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