Wednesday 10 March 2010

Tidying up

The wood towards the bottom of the garden has been having a bit of a tidy up
Dougie came and chopped down some very tall, extremely thin ash trees. (Dougie put our fencing up for us last summer)
It's wonderful wood for burning and I don't feel too badly at having them taken down, they grow in abundance here and it means there will be more room
for the hazel to flourish - hopefully.
The wood is where the sheep come and sit. They leave their wool behind
draped here and there caught on branches, delicate and lace like
  Threads soldered together like filigree
and gossamer
They don't leave their empty bottles too!  We are still finding old whisky bottles 
abandoned in the garden. Most go to the bottle bank,
but some of the more unusual ones I keep. I like the slightly old fashioned look of them. Made of tough glass they have survived a number of years out under the stars. It feels right they should survive a few more in comfort!
Engrossed in the garden in amongst old bottles and sheep's wool I feel I'm being
Mmmm - time to go in and put the kettle on!


S. Etole said...

what a fun visit ... great bottle collection

Lucille said...

What beautiful bottles. I was once let loose in a Victorian rubbish dump during my archaeologist phase. I still have an ink well I found and an old fashioned pop bottle with the pinched neck and marble in it. No sheep here of course but I pulled some wool out of an insulating bag for the birds to line their nests with. They're going to need it. It's perishing here.

Unknown said...

Less of the 'old' please.

I think they're really thinking 'I wonder if she is the one they've all been baaaaing about? I hope so, maybe if I look cute but tattered and forlorn she feed me the grey haired ones' dinner?'


Unknown said...

Ha just looked at the post again and the sheep thought mad not old so that's ok :o)

Phil said...

I have heard a story that you can tell the state of a marriage by the tidiness of the wood pile out side the house Ann, obviously you and Neil's are in good shape ;-)

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