Friday 9 July 2010

Ancient Fort of Dun Canna

Mary and me, together with our ranger guide Lindsey and her impeccably well behaved
dog Ulla, an exemplary example to all dogs every where, set off from Blughsary (a little north of Ullapool) to see the Ancient Fort of Dun Canna
Yesterday morning was big, bright, bold and beautiful, huge skies and clouds that could have been rainy, but weren't
As always, I gawped, open mouthed, at the surrounding loveliness, happy to be part of it.
I wondered if the ancient fort builders ever realised how handy their ancient fort walls would be one day for resting one's camera on?!
 Did they get carried away with the views ? Probably not, they would have been far too busy building fortifications
We sat and ate our sandwiches contemplating how life might have been back then. Lindsey showed us photographs from the museum of Scotland in Edinburgh, of pots, shoes and items of clothing from the iron age showing how people have always had a love of colour shape pattern and design.
 Lindsey not only told us of life in the iron age but pointed out life, here and now.
Wild flowers I would normally have walked over, eyebright, lousewort, bog asphodel, and a particular favourite, butterwort, a hairy carnivorous plant, that eats midges (only not quickly enough!)
Meadow pipit, a bird I haven't been able to identify before, butterflies, a dark green fritillary  and a small speckled wood.
It was a perfect day and it felt such a privilege to be part of it.


Lucille said...

How lovely and I wasn't troubled by a single midge.

S. Etole said...

The scenery there must almost take your breath away ... what a gift.

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