Wednesday 28 July 2010

It never rains....

....but it pours!
This is the cloud that sits over Ullapool. I'm well aware that the rest of the country is on a heat wave, and hose pipe ban, but here we have rain and when it's not raining we have  
 This is the five day forecast. It says light rain. I'm optimistic enough to know they don't always get it right - it could be heavy!
The reason for this weather is because I've hired this lens and had hoped to get maximum  outdoor use with it.
This was taken one morning last week just before it started to rain
And here another day,  just after it finished
There is a little light on the horizon. The sun is going to shine gloriously again next week (after the 6th August) because that's when I return the lens!


rachel said...

Perhaps I could lure the rain away. I know, I'll wash the car!

annie hoff said...

Thank you Rachel, I'm sure that will help!

S. Etole said...

smiling ... but sorry you haven't had more opportunity to use your lens.

Diane said...

How about buying a new umbella tomorrow? That will stop it! Perhaps you could send the rain to Woking; the garden is getting desperate! Fabulous photos!
Take care, Di xx

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