Monday 12 July 2010


If the definition of a weed is an unwanted flower, then there aren't
nearly as many weeds in the garden as I thought.
I think  unwanted flowers look very wanted and pretty and whimsical
in jam jars (though this may have been a chutney jar)
the perfect receptacle for flowers of
the unwanted variety!


Lucille said...

Nice jar. Lovely flowers. Identical paint in background to one of our walls. I have a balsamic vinegar bottle that I particularly treasure. I may do a twin post inspired by you. With link, naturally.

annie hoff said...

Lucille that would be a lovely idea. I'm very fond of my one and only coloured wall even if it is in just a small recess - it was an excellent thick creamy paint in just the right shade and tone.

Unknown said...

I'm very keen on your coloured wall too and your pretty weeds :o) x

S. Etole said...

They compliment each other so well.

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