Thursday 17 February 2011

The good and the bad

This is all you need
to do this!
We've known for a while the shower room wasn't right. The smell of wet plaster when taking a shower is an  indication all is not well on the water front! It has been a bit disheartening to take up tiles that were only laid two years ago!  but at least we've found the problem and while some of the plaster board is soggy it is 'fixable' We should have taken more care to ensure the join between the wall and floor was really watertight. I think so much was going on at the time we didn't oversee the work properly. Now we have got a waterproof membrane to put down before re-tiling. Fortunately it isn't a big area to repair. All will be well!
Helen Wonder Woman flew in for four and a half days of intensive 'house fixing.'  She's very good! She has done masses of painting and tiling and gardening and is such a good encourager when we get a bit down.  Is that Niels kneeling at her feet? No, I think he's trying to change the disc on the angle grinder and wonder where the key for it might have gone!
The good bit and the bad bit - I hope you can see which is which?
We did allow Helen time off for hard work and good behaviour. We went for a very tasty meal at the Ceilidh Place in Ullapool with a very tasty bottle of wine which we drank very quickly - or was it just me?!
The weather today has been sunny and 'spring like.' Helen is back home now. She would have enjoyed the sunshine with maybe just a spot of weeding!   It has been ideal walking weather and that's what we should have been doing.
but the next consignment of wood flooring has arrived and I need to think about painting the stairwell before we tackle the stairs and hall floor.
The birds sense a  change in the air. The birdsong has been glorious - surround sound. It lifts the spirit as nothing else can.


Dan said...

Oh no! At least it wasn't leaking for long enough to cause any real damage though!
I love the picture of the bottom of the very empty wine bottle! You couldn't have had too much yourself or it would have been blurry!
Ullapool sounds fantastic!!

rachel said...

Everyone needs a Helen.... We didn't realise, years ago, that anything was wrong with our ancient shower cubicle until we spotted large rubbery fungus growing out from beneath it! Disaster. Hope yours stays watertight!

Lucille said...

It's just one blooming thing after another isn't it? Thank goodness for birdsong. It's beginning to sound lovely here too.

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