Monday 7 February 2011

Walking out

Walking  gives such pleasure, To be out and up in the hills is such a privilege and I never stop feeling grateful that I can.  But, we don't walk enough.
It's just a matter of stepping outside the front door and making the effort
They think so too.
The rewards are enormous
the views breathtaking
Being put in the picture!
But you don't need to go far to see such incredible beauty and  detail nearer to the ground.
How does this happen? A patchwork of pinks greys and greens.
A rich tapestry of colours and textures
I don't think I'll ever tire of the beauty here and the almost casual way it seems to presents itself. There is so much that seems to remain unchanged and untouched - I wonder how long for? People like us move here and however unintentionally, change things.


S. Etole said...

Such incredible sights you share ... said...

Thanks for the email. It looks like Spring is with you already such wonderful scenery and colours, many thanks for sharing them, love Jackie.

Mac n' Janet said...

You live in such an incredibly beautiful place! Love taking walks with you.

Dan said...

Hi Annie, the link did work thanks - just about managed to catch up with where you are at now.
I am soooo envious of Achnahaird Beach! Just beautiful.

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