Thursday 10 February 2011

Round two

The job I don't enjoy! The job that only needs doing once I keep telling myself! Some of the joints in the plasterboard got overlooked and many of the internal corners didn't get taped and plastered in our speed to get moved into the house by Christmas 2008. Now, the laborious job of making good all the overlooked areas and finishing off.
 Helen gave me these. She's coming up today to do some tiling. These little scrapers  are excellent for filling holes,  cracks and plastering over corner tape.
The rain shower that does exactly what it says on the tin. No fancy settings just warm rain, or cold, should you feel so inclined!
This time next week this will be finished!
If I just stop playing with the camera and get on!
Off to the airport shortly to get Helen. We've bought her a brand new tile cutter which will make her happy!


Mac n' Janet said...

Your tiles are so clean!
We're painting bathrooms today and then Mac is pulling up carpet to put in the tile floor.

Val said...

Love the bathroom pix, in particular the shower head. I've just had a new bathroom added to the house and renovated the old one, so can totally emphasise with the long list of small things that still have to be attended to after any building job.

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