Friday 4 February 2011

Let there be light

It's true it was just a bit windy here yesterday, especially towards the evening, but inside it was warm and cosy.  It's difficult at times to hear the weather once in the house because of all the insulation and draft proofing. The house is enveloped in an airtight vapour membrane - A Trelleborg house from Denmark. It's funny to look back and see how the house took shape,  all the blood sweat and tears. The sleepless nights, the worry - but loads of fun too.
And it's still going on albeit at a slower pace - and it's still times! We now have skirting board like normal people have in their houses! Just laid and waiting to be painted - that's my department I understand. Anyway there I was yesterday evening feeling smug and complacent
when all the lights went out. As disasters go  a power failure is hardly worth a mention, and I wouldn't have, but it's a grand opportunity for a bit of candle light blogging.
 This pretty little candle holder casting heart shape reflections on the wall (very appropriate for February!) was bought very many years ago from the Danish church summer bazaar in London.
Good old brass candlesticks. I've had them for so long I can't remember where they came from.
And these. I love these I saw them years ago in a butcher's shop window in Denmark - would you believe it!
We were on holiday with family in a place called Blavand just north of Esbjerg. We stayed in a holiday house and my lovely sister in law Janne bought these two for me.
And these two belonged to my mother - almost certainly from Denmark as well.
My pretty little oil burner from Lochbroom Pottery along the lane.

and although this is cheating a bit, as I didn't light this in last night's power cut, I want to include it as it's almost my favourite candle holder. It was made by Niel's cousin's husband who is a glass blower and lives up in the north of Sealand in Denmark. I had a pair of these and very sadly one was broken some years ago.
When I walked around the outside of the house this morning  all was in order apart from the lid of the compost bin that had blown off and was lying in a puddle a few feet away. It reminded me of this
This caused much amusement! Seen in our local newspaper "The Ullapool News" back in 2007 even before we had moved up here. It was on the front page and I like to think the  owner of the compost bin would have been reunited with his lid!


Dan said...

What a beautiful blog you have! It must be wonderful to be coming towards the end of your renovation when you can relax and enjoy the fruits of your labours! Lovely candles - the house certainly does look very cosy!

Mac n' Janet said...

Candle light is beautiful, makes everything look warm.

Lucille said...

My coffee blew away this morning. Or at least the cappuccino froth did - and the tray and spoon. I love the sound (or silence) of your sealed up house.

rachel said...

Lovely post.

"It's difficult at times to hear the weather"...... envious sigh from me. It's difficult at times to hear oneself think in weather, in this draughty old house!

Kath said...

hello Annie, I followed you over from Dans blog!
Your photos are stunning. Although we arent building, we are refurbing an old cottage, so it's lovely to meet someone who knows the ups and downs of it all.
You would enjoy Nans blog
they have been building their own house in Alaska.
So nice to "meet you".

Dan said...

Me again! Thanks for stopping by my blog - it was lovely to find your blog too!
Could you please post a link to your first post? I've been trying to go back and look at the story of your house, but I haven't been able to get back to the very first post and work my way forward. It looks amazing - a house which arrived from Denmark being built in Scotland! Your pictures of the scenery are beautiful, and beaches to die for!!! It's been so interesting to look around.

S. Etole said...

what a warmth emanates from your photos ...

Anonymous said...

Love your candle-lit blog! Your house looks such a warm and friendly place to be. It looks so cosy in there. Spring will soon be here and we can enjoy some warm sun hopefully!
Have a nice cosy weekend.

Ann said...

Loved this blog and the candle light - so pretty.

Phil said...

Morning Ann, just reading your blog, looks very homely. Hope you are keeping well?

Cristina Berardi said...

I have received the Sunshine Award 2011. It is a prize you pass to other bloggers and I have chosen yours among my favourites .

Ciao da Cristina

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