Friday 22 February 2008

Building regulations

All the highlighted areas are amendments to the ground floor plan of the house. We can now negotiate around corners, and fit comfortably through doorways using our walking frames and rest easy in the knowledge that at the drop of a stick, we can install a chair lift enabling us to ride up and down the stairs at our leisure. This huge wad of paperwork on the kitchen table has now been put into a large official brown envelope and Niels is driving to the building warrant office in Dingwall some forty something miles from here to deliver it by hand.
I'm not having a go at disability, nor indeed old age, (it's getting a bit close for that!) I'm the first to admit that we need rules and regulations regarding planning and building, and of course, everyone, regardless should have access to buildings and places. But there is a part of me that wants to shout out and protest that this is our plot of land, our house and more importantly our money!
The building rules and regulations changed here in May 2007 and are being followed to the letter!

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