Thursday 21 February 2008

The concrete arrives

There was a bit of a rush on late yesterday afternoon when the firm delivering the concrete for the foundations brought the delivery forward by half a day. Niels stayed and helped Ian lay the insulation blocks that needed to go down before the concrete. It was late by the time they finished and they worked by the light of the digger!
The various objects sitting on top of the blocks were put there to stop them being blown away in the wind overnight.

The concrete mixer has arrived. It was belting down with rain this morning as it sat at the top of the drive waiting for the off
Almost ready just fixing something

Our road works..

I hope!
Annie next door may have felt a little nervous at this point.

concrete spreading

Hey this doesn't happen on 'Grand Designs!' He arrived with Jock (his owner who lives up the lane) just to have a look round. He's a smashing dog. I can't remember his name. I hope he's not looking for the loo.

Yes I can see you've got cementy feet - you're a very naughty dog!
It's been a bit of a tough week so far. Niels has struggled to finish and resubmit some plans and specifications for the completion of the house. Building regulations are very picky. We've had to widen doors, add doors we hadn't wanted to, show disabled access, alter the stairs so that if needed a chair lift can be fitted, show handrails and even specify where our outdoor drying area will be. I suggested to Niels that he just says we'll stick a rotary clothes line in the garden! It's really difficult at this stage to be so specific concerning detail. Have they just spotted we're an old couple or what? Trying to keep us as independent in our own home for as long as possible? I'm worried that my lovely danish house is going to end up looking like an old peoples home! Who said that's very appropriate..!

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