Tuesday 26 February 2008

A break from building regulations!

This is an area about 30 miles north from us. Kylesku. I think we were walking on part of the Reay Forest estate. It's owned by the Duke of Westminster and extends to some 100,000 acres.

It's impossible to capture with the camera the enormity and vastness of the landscape. The little stick in the bottom left hand corner of the picture is Niels. We stayed near here one summer three or four years ago and had some wonderful walking in hot glorious sunshine!

We followed the estate tracks and stalkers trails up into the hills. We didn't see any deer this time. Deer culling begins in July and you are advised to contact the estate before heading in to the hills.
I took this a few weeks back on another walk nearer to home also on a large estate. It's a block of salt put down for the deer. You can see the uniform pattern their tongues make! Every winter when it's cold the deer come down out of the hills and congregate in large numbers by the side of the road. It's amazing to see them, especially the stags who look so majestic. Unfortunately you often don't see them until too late and they can be the cause of many road accidents. We lost a wing mirror on the car clipped by a deer late one night last November. We've been told they come down to the road for the salt spread by the gritters. I wonder if they have high blood pressure!

The tracks go on for miles into very remote and isolated parts. We didn't have time on Sunday to complete the walk. We can add it to the long list of incomplete walks we need to complete! The problem with walking here is that unless you carry a tent and sleeping bag many walks remain elusive and unfinished. The area is so vast and not criss crossed with roads and convenient pick up points. That's what makes it so special.

As we came back down the hillside the sun was going down We climbed these mountains on the other side of the loch when we were last here. I remember when we got to the top we met a really nice couple and ended by walking with them.

I wanted to get a photo of Kylesku bridge. I think it's beautiful and fits the landscape perfectly. It won the Concrete Society Award in 1985! The engineering company that built it is also responsible for building the bridge that joins Denmark with Sweden across the Oresund


Anonymous said...

H Ann

Thank you for more photo's to add to the other wonderful ones that I can view as a slide show. Very interesting to hear about the salt blocks for the deers. With that wonderful scenery how can anyone have high blood pressure!!

Love Jackie.x

annie hoff said...

Thank you Jackie. It certainly is a very beautiful area. It's hard to convey the size of it all in a photo.

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