Friday 4 April 2008

Getting there

The roof at the back (which is probably really the front!) is completed
And now attention is turned to the roof at the front (which is probably really the back!) and the making and fitting of the 'fiddly' dormer windows. I'm no expert but have it on good authority that progress has been hampered by the necessity of having to put underlay, plus, we wanted three dormers, and worse, one of those to be a double!

But don't they look brilliant - oh yes alright then, and the windows too!

There has been an enormous amount of work put into these, but they look really good and provide wonderful views out over the loch

On with the underlay!

What I don't understand is how all this fitted on a lorry!
A last word on dormers! The double one in the middle is on the landing, and a desk will fit in perfectly under the window where I can sit with my computer and 'stuff.' This might seem unfair to Niels but he will have his own office/study/music room downstairs with an outlook over the eh....garage! Ah - yes, it does seem a bit unfair now you mention it! Maybe we can swop over from time to time?

It's the weekend again and the builders have flown south (actually Alan was driving them in the car!) to families loved ones and a few extra degrees of warmth! They are forecasting snow here tonight - we shall see? Meanwhile the house has a free weekend, waiting for the builders to return when, hopefully they will be able to complete the final stage in building this truly lovely house. Thanks chaps it looks great.

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