Friday 18 April 2008

Pictures speak louder than words

The house gets lovelier and lovelier. It's nearly finished. The builders go back to Devon this weekend. They have done a brilliant job. I have to say these were no ordinary builders! They liked black olives, feta cheese, wrote poetry and always took their shoes off when they came in! I hope they take up the offer and visit us with their families when we've finally settled in with floors, walls, rooms and things!

I'm flying to London this morning to spend a few days with Jo. I'm really looking forward to seeing her and spending time together. I shall miss this though. It's still such an amazing feeling to know that this is home and to be surrounded by so much that is beautiful.


Anonymous said...

Hi Ann & Niels

It looks amazing and blends in so well with the fantastic scenery. You will have to build a few more and have them as holiday lets!!!

Have a great time in London and after my recent experiences there, I am sure you will be glad to get back to "home". Jackie.

Anonymous said...

Yes - it is fantastic, but where's the staircase!?
Love Bee Thain

annie hoff said...

we need to go to the staircase shop and buy one! Just returned from a short trip to London to visit Jo. Had a great few days but now back to the serious business of putting the inside into the house!

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