Thursday 24 April 2008

Life after the builders

Life just won't be the same without these chaps! House builders extraordinaire!
They finished building the house and had already returned to Devon by the time I got back from London.
Just one more peak at the house
Part of the 'L' shaped sitting room
In through the front door into the hall. To the left by the window there will be a shower room - I've just noticed the window has clear glass, this will be interesting!
And then the long and arduous task begins of packing up to go home
It will never all fit in!
But it does - just!
A big 'Thank you chaps'. Everybody who sees it says how nice the house looks. Already it has a lovely feel to it when you're inside. We just need to add the finishing touches - like walls, floors, stairs kitchen and bathrooms!
Just t0 show though that work still continues even after the builders have gone! Yesterday morning a huge consignment of insulation arrived by lorry. Luckily Jock was about and helped Niels unload the bags and carry them down to the house.
Ian returned in the week with his digger and dug a trench for the water pipe from the mains down to the house site
You can see the blue pipe waiting to be put into a trench under the lane
Ian digs out a channel and the best bit 0f the whole day for Niels at any rate
Is he gets to drive the dumper truck - fortunately away from the house! He called it the jumper truck maybe because he's danish - maybe just to reflect his driving!

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