Thursday 22 May 2008

The inner frame

The more discerning will notice there is a change! The inner frame goes in.
The joiners got carried away here and added wooden frame where there shouldn't be. The three posts in the middle will come out.
The installation (wires etc) go in between the batons. The plan is not to go through the membrane.
Our job is to take the insulation from upstairs
and stuff it into the cavities down stairs.
Like so! It shouldn't take us too long and will give as something to do..!! The house has an enormous amount of insulation in it. The only form of heat we shall have is a wood burning stove and underfloor heating in the bathrooms. Let's hope the principle of this zero energy house works when put into practice against the chilly north?
Niels' appointment on Monday was cancelled with the building warrant officer. He has a new appointment this morning - fingers crossed it goes well. He's on his way there now, complete with drawings, plans and paper work. We really do need this building warrant!
The only advantage to being a wasp that I can see, is that you can find your plot, (under our eaves) by pass all the rules and regulations and start building more or less straight a way! I hope they haven't chewed the house up before we get a chance to live in it!
We're moving out of our present cottage this coming weekend. I can't recommend it highly enough, if you're looking for a holiday place to stay. We've probably had a longer 'holiday' in it than most! It's comfortable, cosy and very well equipped. The people who own it have kindly let us stay in another house they have - just very short term, while we get the house to the next stage, ie. running water and a bathroom at least down stairs. We shall be quite happy to camp in the house but at least need to have it organised so we won't be in the way of workmen. This will be our fourth move and you would think I would be organised at it by now - not a chance. I'm off to pack up what seems like a huge amount of 'stuff' we don't really seem to need. The best thing though, is that it can be stored somewhere that is ours. We shall divide our belongings between the shed, the caravan, and the floor at Brookwood! Just think, one day I shall have a cupboard under the stairs!

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