Saturday 8 January 2011

Are you sitting comfortably?

We've been on a mission
We left early in the morning as the sun was rising - actually that's rather late here!
and drove and drove down through the Scottish countryside
which is beautiful
and a little bit snowy in places
Nearly there, The lovely forth bridge over the firth looks magnificent in the sun and in a few miles we will have reached
 our 'local' Ikea on the outskirts of Edinburgh Just 220 miles from where we live
Got it! I did check there was one in store, but you never know.
now we must drive 220 miles home again
Will it fit in the house?
It's easy to push down the drive in the snow
after lots of this
and one or two adjustments with the saw!
 and hundreds of miles in the car we have a new settee or is it a sofa? I don't know the difference
but I like it and now I think I may go and sit down!


Ann said...

Wow! what a journey. I think you should send this to IKEA to show what a dedicatd customer you are. The sofa looks great. My nearest IKEA is just 10 miles away and I often pop in for a look. I bought an off-cut of fabric to make an apron for a little chef the other day.
I lived in scotland for 30 years and miss it every day.
Happy week.

lissi said...

interessante Fotos.
Besonders gut gefallen mir
die Landschaftsaufnahmen.
LG Lissi said...

A long journey but through beautiful scenery!! I always think the Croydon IKEA or Wembley one is a long way from here. There is one in Southampton too now.

Niels looks nice and comfy on the sofa so looks like it was worth it!!

Happy New Year to you both, love Jackie (& Phil)

annie hoff said...

10 miles from Ikea! That's next door!
Yes, I love Scotland too, it's a beautiful country.

annie hoff said...

Happy New Year Jackie to you and Phil. It's probably just as well I don't live nearer to Ikea - at least that's what Niels says!

rachel said...

I won't ever moan about having to cross the river to get to Ikea - about 5 miles, or so! Imagine if you'd hated that sofa once you got it home?

Mac n' Janet said...

Love your new couch, particularly the color. I want a new one but our old one isn't in bad enough shape to justify it.
Have never shopped at IKEA, am I missing something?

S. Etole said...

That's about how far it is to the nearest IKEA here ... not nearly such a pretty drive though.

La said...

It looks very comfortable.

I thought about going to the Ikea in Cincinnati today, but it too is a far drive from me. I decided to stay closer to home since it was snowing. Maybe I'll go next weekend.

Anonymous said...

Ikea looks very familiar. We used to live in Buckstone about 2 miles down the road. Love your sofa with the cushions. Lovely soft colours. It looks kind of Scandanavian?
Enjoy. Penny

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