Thursday, 13 January 2011

Family and friends

My favourite beach
Family and friends are staying this week and on the day without rain, sleet, or snow we went walking
not far, but far enough for a little boy whose boots are slightly too big and whose mittens don't stay on
 grandads understand these things.
nobody else seemed to be out taking the air
which, though very beautiful was very cold
time for tea
we'll come back another day


Jackie said...

Wow Anne, looks like a great walk, the photographs are spectacular.

Love Jackie.

rachel said...

It's stunning!

Seeing your little grandson reminds me strongly of my own son at about the same age, when we lived at the seaside. He had two pairs of wellies - one pair was always drying out while he happily filled the other pair with more sea water! A lovely age, and so hardy!

Mac n' Janet said...

Love your pictures, the way they capture the light.

annie hoff said...

Rachel, sadly he's not my little grandson! He belongs to Em, our daughter's very good friend. But I'm allowed to borrow him and play at grandmothers!
Ps...yes, wellies make great containers!

S. Etole said...

these just take my breath away ....

Anonymous said...

Fabulous pictures. Amazing light at this time of year.A lovely part of the country. So glad I found your blog. Its lovely and I look forward to reading more!

Lucille said...

Do you think you'll ever take this scenery for granted?It's straight out of a brochure.

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