Tuesday 21 October 2008


Woke up this morning to this! Quite a covering of snow on some of the higher peaks. It really is cold. I got dressed in everything. Lots of layers keep you warm, but make walking around a bit cumbersome!
I went to pick up some left over jointing compound from a job Dodo did at a house just outside Ullapool. He is here this morning making good all the jointing tape I plastered, making it neater. (I shall be going over his floor tiling later with much the same purpose in mind!)
The colours were glorious and I could see the weather making its way up the loch
and then over the water to our house! It's just visible through the trees in the middle of the picture. There is a possibility at the weekend that we can get two more trees down thus opening up the view a little more.
If anyone needs to buy a Centre Punch at any time, here's what they look like. I was going to compare it for size with a pound coin, but what with the recession I could only find one penny. Now I must go and do some work and stop playing with this camera!

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