Tuesday 7 October 2008

The Plumber and the potatoes

The plumber when he came today gave me some potatoes from his garden. The red ones are 'Roosters' which seem to be popular here, and taste delicious.
He also lent me his camera! Which is wonderful as it means I can post a couple of pictures showing that things have been moving along, even if a little slowly! The extractor hood which I'm learning to love, providing it doesn't knock me out first
The kitchen sink!

My vacuum cleaner. The plumber said he's been reading my blog! So at this point I should like to show you his pipes
It's a shame they have to be shut in the cupboard. They're shiny and have taps, and actually look brilliant and we'd just like to say we think he's probably the best plumber/potato grower in the country and we do so hope he'll come back on Monday when he's going to tile the shower room! And probably pick up his camera. Dodo came round today and thinks he can begin working again on Friday Meanwhile I shall take some more photos and update the blog.

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