Sunday 12 October 2008

Sinks and things

The utility room sink!
Another view of the kitchen sink!
I have spent the last week painting. Applying the first coat of emulsion that goes on over the plaster board and joint taping. It shows up all the areas that haven't been sanded down sufficiently and any cracks, holes and other 'misdemeanours' as Dodo calls them, become immediately apparent - I've a lot of touching up to do is all I can say!

Dodo's corners are very neat. I think he has the edge when it comes to corner taping!

Yesterday afternoon our neighbour's daughter knocked on the door with chocolates and a bottle of wine! It was a wonderful surprise and very welcome. I opened the box in order to compose a picture, and said to Niels maybe we should just have one before putting them away. The trouble with Niels is that he has no self control! Our neighbour, Annie has been unwell and in hospital. We have tried unsuccessfully to fence the sheep out of her garden. They have eaten her flowers and trampled her shrubs underfoot. These sheep don't need crossing with Kangaroos to make them extreme woolly jumpers. The chocolates and wine were a 'thank you' although we weren't able to do much to save her garden.
This is my department
Sanding, painting, rubbing down, wiping up and looking for the masking tape - are there other ways to spend the day then?
Now, tomorrow (and I have written nice things about him) the plumber is going to arrive and tile the shower room!
These are the kitchen and utility room tiles, and I can't help but notice that there is very little difference between the tile and the concrete and scree floor, other than the concrete is cheaper
Concrete and scree
Expensive floor tile

Helen and me did the guttering when she was staying recently. Niels did the 'down' pipes, the scandinavian way obviously. He does say it's only a temporary solution.....mmmm!

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